Computers & iPads


In 2012 the school introduced iPads to further engage our students creativity and integrate with the Montessori ethos of Independent learning. We have carefully selected the Apps which the children can access to compliment the curriculum and Montessori equipment used for each class. Our younger students are already writing and illustrating their own iBooks, while the Senior Classes are making iMovies and used the iPads to present their project at the BT Young Scientist Exhibition.

The School has a computer room with the most up to date computers and programmes.  The computers are regularly  by the children to research project work, write stories and design notices, posters, cards etc. 

In addition, a specialised computer teacher is employed by the school and the pupils are taken in small groups of ten to twelve for weekly classes where they learn IT basics like MSWord and PowerPoint, how to save their work using meaningful filenames, keyboard shortcuts, research skills and Internet safety.