The school's curriculum has been carefully devised to allow a gradual progression from the pure Montessori teaching in Infant and Junior classes to the integration of the curricular programmes prescribed by the Department of Education and Science in the senior classes.

Please click on the left hand menu links to read more about all of the extra subjects offered at the school, French, Music, Drama, Computers and Science. We use specialist part-time teachers for each of these subjects. We also do cookery with the children, they love taking home the treats on a Friday!

We encourage our children to learn through peer teaching, as is central to the Montessori method of teaching. One peer learning initiative is our reading buddies system where an older and younger child read together once a week. Both children benefit greatly from this system developing leadership, responsibility, friendships and reading skills.

History and Geography are taught without books!  Our Montessori equipment and teaching methods encourage the children to discover for themselves and develop their own maps and records in a hard back copy, which builds into their own record of the subject, This method allows the child to really engage with the subject and develop a true understanding.

The children use iPads for many subjects with appropriate, carefully chosen educational apps to supplement their class work.  The younger children write their own stories, illustrate them, record themselves reading and save the story to iBooks so the rest of the class can enjoy them. The older children do some of their projects on the iPads and  really enjoy making iMovies to showcase and share their projects.

Please find below a link to download the Junior School Curriculum as set out by the Department of Education and Science.

You can download the Dept. of Education Curriculum here: