Mission Statement

The ethos of the school is contained in the following statement:

In an atmosphere of welcome and warmth each individual is valued for himself or herself irrespective of ability and achievement. Each and every one learns and grows at different levels - intellectually, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically, through involvement in a balance of academic, religious, cultural and sporting activities.

We aim to promote the following:

- A love of learning.
- An environment where pupils can develop their full potential at their own pace.
- An independent approach to learning.
- An orderly approach to their work.
- A respect and love of their environment.
- Self discipline.
- Whole person development.
- Personal responsibility.
- Preparation for Secondary Education.
- Promote an awareness of cultural diversity.
- Generate an appreciation for the value of difference.

(These aims are not listed in order of priority)

East Coast Radio interviews Wicklow Montessori Primary School Principal,  Dara Mulhall.