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WMPS Are Runners Up in 2018 Intel Mini Scientist Competition Finals

8th Feb, 2018

Congratulations to Melanie's third and fourth classes who finished as one of five runners up in the 2017-18 Intel Mini Scientist Competition witth their project "Road Alert". More than 8,000 children were involved in the competition.

The students decided to do their project on road safety. When returning to school in September, they realised that some children would not be attending school due to fatal car accidents. They wanted to create more awareness of the dangers on the road. They started off examining tyres and and how important it is to have the correct tread on tyres. As a lot of people forget to check their tyres, they decided to make a design of a tyre that would alert people. They put 3 layers of material on their tyre. The outer layer was black, the next layer yellow (a warning) and the inner layer was red. This means danger and the tyre should be changed immediately. They also explored the areas of fatigue, distraction, reaction time and speed. From this project, they realised that you need to look at all areas of road safety,not just one. Their motto was: "stay safe, stay road alert".