Wicklow Montessori Primary School offers an ECCE scheme compliant pre-infants class for 3 or 4 year olds. This class is the start of a nine-year cycle, where the children are immersed in the Montessori ethos, its structure, order and routine and are gently introduced to the education system. 

Pre-infants have their own fully fledged Montessori classroom which is fully equipped with Montessori materials. In addition, the children become familiar with the school, the other children and teachers, all in the security of an environment especially designed for their needs.    

Each child works at their own pace and ability, the individuality of each child is fostered and very much encouraged by Niamh Murray our pre-infants teacher.  Their innate love of learning and natural tendency to work is nurtured using a range of age-appropriate materials which help promote independence, concentration, co-ordination of movement, development and much more.  

 Niamh, a mother of five children has been our pre-infants teacher for the last 20 years.  Niamh’s vast experience and in depth understanding of children ensures that your child  not only reaches their full potential, but most importantly transitions easily and calmly into school life. Our pre-infants class is the first stage in your child’s Montessori education and as they progress to Junior and Senior infants and right up to 6th class your child and you as a parent will see the outstanding benefit that a Montessori education offers. 

The Montessori system uses multi sensory materials based on the premise that active learning ensures greater understanding.  Children are encouraged to explore subjects widely and out of this exploration comes a deeper understanding and appreciation of the subject.    As our class numbers are small each child receives individual attention from their teachers thus ensuring they reach their true potential. Wicklow Montessori School offers your child a unique Montessori education which is tried and trusted. 

The advantages of a Montessori education are well documented and studies show that Montessori graduates make the transition to secondary school with ease and that most excel academically as well as socially. They have a balanced outlook on life, are level-headed and good problem solvers. They do not study just to get good grades, but because they love to learn. 

Take a look at our 'Gallery' to see our  Pre - Infants class at work and play.