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Photo of teacher holding bottle of hand sanitizer

Steps the school is taking

A. Our Response Plan


We have started and will continue to conduct risk assessments to identify any new and additional risks that might arise because of or connected with Covid-19. Our Response Plan sets out the measures Wicklow Montessori School is putting in place to mitigate these risks and provides support for staff in relation to the resumption of teaching and the reopening of the school. Our Response Plan may evolve during the course of the pandemic and as advice issued continues to evolve. We will continue to update you.

B. Summary of Control Measures to Keep Us All Safe


  1. During the summer a deep-clean of all school indoor areas has taken place

  2. A rigorous daily cleaning schedule will be in place on our return.

  3. Disinfectant, cleaning products, paper towels and waste bins are available at multiple locations throughout the school.


  1. All staff are being trained in the safe management in line with government guidance and school procedures. 

  2. On the first day of school all of the new procedures will be explained to students.

  3. Rules / information will prominently displayed at appropriate locations throughout the school including, corridors, staff room, classrooms and toilet areas. They are intended to inform but also to remind all members of the school community about the importance of hygiene in preventing the spread of Covid-19 virus and protecting health and safety. 

Access and Contact Tracing

  1. Parents / guardians will not have access to the school premises.

  2. Temperature testing will be done in accordance with the guidelines submitted by the Department of Education. Procedures will be in place for temperature testing for all staff before accessing the school. Any student who has a temperature of 37.8 degrees or above will not be allowed to attend school until they have been fever free without medication for 72 hours.

  3. No access to school to anyone who within the last 14 days has had symptoms, has tested positive or has been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19.

  4. Staff or students will not be able to return to school if they have been outside Ireland in the previous two weeks prior to starting school, ECCE from the 10th August and our Primary school from the 17th August, regardless of what national guidelines are in place at the time. They will have to self-isolate for 14 days.


  1. We will endeavour to keep all windows and doors open to ensure adequate ventilation

First Aid

  1. We will adapt our medical and first aid procedures to ensure compliance with the recommendations of public health authorities

Facilitating Hand Hygiene

  1. Soap and disposable paper towels are available in all washing areas

  2. There will be hand sanitiser dispensers at key points in the school and in each classroom.

  3. Students may not share equipment other than when appropriate cleaning has taken place.

  4. Paper towels will be used for drying hands.

Facilitating Respiratory Hygiene

      1.  Students will be reminded regularly about proper respiratory hygiene and cough and sneeze etiquette.


Facilitating Physical Distancing

  1. There will be no in-person school assemblies.

  2. There will be a strict no handshaking, no high five, no hugging policy in place.

  3. Classroom layouts will be in line with government social distancing requirements. 

  4. ‘Keep Left’ system will be in place when pupils are outside their classroom.

  5. Two children at a time in the bathrooms.

  6. Physical distancing signs will be located at different locations within the school, which shall serve as a guide and a reminder for staff and students to adhere to this essential control measure.   



  1. We will follow Government guidelines.  

C. Development of Procedures and Response Plan for Dealing with a Suspected Case of Covid-19

  1. All staff will be aware and up to date with latest advice on symptoms.

  2. We will provide suitable isolation areas to care for any student who shows symptoms. 


D. Communication with the School Community


  1. We will continue to communicate all matters as they evolve or change.

E. Back to School


  1. ECCE start back on Monday 24th August.

  2. Primary school start back on Monday 31st August.

  3. We do not expect the above dates to change. If we receive any new directives requiring us to open at a different or staggered time, we will communicate the new arrangements to you immediately.

  4. With regard to ECCE children we will be in contact with you at a later date with arrangements and times for the 1st few days of term.

F. Personal Responsibility


  1. All parents have a responsibility to assist with the implementation of the school’s Covid-19 Response Plan and associated control measures to prevent spread of the virus.  

  2. All parents should familiarise their children with the health and safety risks posed by the Covid-19 virus both generally and to them as individuals, and be up to date with and adhere to public health advice and the Wicklow Montessori School Response Plan.
    Updated advice from the HSE is available on its website

G. Over the summer please keep practicing the habits we know to be effective in mitigating the impact of the virus: 


  • Wash hands fully and regularly with soap

  • Cover coughs and sneezes

  • Clean and disinfect as you go

  • Avoid close contact with others

  • Avoid sharing equipment with each other

  • Be mindful of the needs of others


It will be a huge help to us all if the pupils are well practiced in these habits when they come back to school.

H. What To Bring

  1. All pupils will be required to have their own stationary, clearly marked as they will not be allowed to share pencils, etc.

I. Know the Drill


  1. Students will be asked to sanitise their hands upon entering the building.

  2. Students must wash/sanitise their hands in accordance with public safety advice and in particular after going to the toilet. Then they must return immediately to their classroom.

  3. Students must leave their belongings in an assigned place only.

  4. When in common areas, students must abide by social distancing guidelines.

  5. If a student develops symptoms of Covid-19 or if anyone who they come into regular contact with develops symptoms, the student must inform the Principal immediately.

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