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Child Doing Art Activity


Art is an integral part of our school curriculum. Our school provides for creative and aesthetic experiences through exploring, investigating, inventing, designing and making in a range of media. It promotes observation and ways of seeing and helps the child to acquire sensitivity to the visual, spatial and tactile world and to aesthetic experience. We believe it channels the child's natural curiosity for educational ends and can facilitate learning in all areas of the curriculum.

In the junior class the children have access to drawing materials, cutting exercises and an easel for painting as part of their daily programme. The specialised Montessori equipment gives the children the opportunity to explore and develop their senses and work with shape and form in a constructive manner.

All the other pupils have a weekly art class where they partake in a variety of arts and craft activities.


Their art classes are planned according to the seasons, festivities and curriculum. The pupils are also encouraged to illustrate their work using designs or drawings as part of their daily programme.

Occasionally the school employs specialised teachers to do a series of art classes with the pupils. Previously a local potter came to the school to do a six-week course with the senior pupils and we also have had Japanese art classes where the children learn the art form "Origami".

Fifth and sixth-class pupils have a history of art class once a month with a specialised teacher, Phaedra Keogh, where they study the life of a particular artist and discuss his/her paintings. At the end of the year the children have the opportunity to visit an art gallery to see the paintings they have studied. 

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