Speech and Drama

Speech and drama classes are part of our curriculum. The school employs qualified Performing Arts Tutor and classes are taken during school hours on a weekly basis.

One of the highlights of the school year is our Annual Christmas Play. It gives parents, family and friends the opportunity to see how well the children are doing in their drama in a fun and entertaining atmosphere and is a great way to begin the Christmas holidays!

At the end of each school year, the children from 2nd class upwards enter the Annual School Talent Competition. Here they are given the opportunity to showcase any of their many talents. An external adjudicator judges their performances and award certificates at the end of the evening. This is a fun night for all the children and their families.

We also enter the Arklow Music Festival where we have an exceptionally high success rate winning awards for Verse Speaking and Drama Competitions.

As  part of their drama the children participate in a school film projects.  The children regularily make iMovies on the iPads and do their own editing.

A group of children are invited to attend the annual AIJS drama workshop which they thoroughly enjoy.

All in all, the children come out with a very rounded education and cultural knowledge of the performing arts and all that it encapsulates.