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Our Approach

The school's curriculum has been carefully devised to allow a gradual progression from the pure Montessori teaching in the pre-school and junior classes to the integration of the curricular programmes prescribed by the Department of Education and Science in the senior classes.

We use specialist part-time teachers for extra subjects - French, music, drama, computers and sports. 

Our family grouping really lends itself to collaborative learning. At assembly the pupils sit with their "families", which are comprised of pupils of all ages. They partake in a variety of activities, such as quizzes and problem-solving activities where all ages work together. We also do modules of Reading Buddies where an older and younger child read together. These activities are hugely beneficial and help develop leadership skills, responsibility, patience, tolerance and friendships.  

Our teachers devise their own curriculum for history, geography and science. Our Montessori materials and teaching methods encourage the children to discover and study topics in depth. This method allows them to really engage with the subject and develop a true understanding of the content.

SPHE is taught through the "Walk Tall" and "Stay Safe" programmes, philosophy sessions and teachers own resources.

Cookery classes are one of the highlights of the school week. The children love to bring home their nutritious treats. 

The children use iPads for many subjects with appropriate, carefully chosen educational apps to complement their class work.  The younger children write their own stories, illustrate them, record themselves reading and save the story to iBooks so the rest of the class can enjoy them. The older children do some of their projects on iPads and really enjoy making iMovies to showcase and share their projects.

Teacher/Pupil Ratio

Class sizes are carefully managed, pupil-teacher ratios are kept low and the children are taught in small groups where individual attention is the norm.

As a result of the small size of the school there is very close contact and relationships between parents, teachers and children.  Parents are kept very well informed of their child's progress and behaviour.

Information evening / Parent-teacher meetings

Information meetings are held at the beginning of each year for parents with class teachers. 

Parent-teacher meetings are held at the beginning of the second term and a written report is sent at Christmas and at the end of the school year.

If a parent wishes to meet with a teacher or the principal they are most welcome to make an appointment.

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