In line with the school's policy of self development, the children are encouraged to participate in as wide a range of activities as possible. Our all weather sports pitch ensures that sports can take place outdoors on most days.

Physical Education forms part of school life, with the children free to enjoy games like basketball and soccer during school break periods.

The children have Sports on Wednesday afternoon after school hours with a specialist sports teacher. They partake in a wide variety of activities; football, uni-hockey, basketball and tennis, rounders and team exercise games.  These sessions are designed to help children work as part of a team and also as individuals.  As children are growing up they need to develop their hand and eye coordination so our games are designed not only for physical exercise but for mental exercise as well.

Swimming lessons take place on a Monday after school at the local pool in Wicklow Town. Children are divided into groups according to their swimming ability. The lessons are reserved for WMPS children who really enjoy these lessons with their classmates. Swimming lesson fees are additional and payable at the start of the school year. 

They play home and away basketball matches against other local schools. They partake in the AIJS sporting events throughout the year.

Our annual school Sports Day is held in the local Rugby Club combined with a barbeque and fun day.

The children are actively encouraged to join the numerous sporting clubs in operation throughout the County.