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Our Mission

In a warm and welcoming atmosphere, each child is valued for who they are regardless of ability or achievement. All children learn and mature at different levels - intellectually, spiritually, psychologically, emotionally and physically, through involvement in a balance of academic, cultural and sporting activities.

Wicklow Montessori School aims to promote the following:

  • A love of learning

  • An environment where pupils can develop to their full potential at their own pace

  • An independent approach to learning

  • An orderly approach to their work

  • A respect and love of their environment

  • Self-discipline

  • Whole-person development

  • Personal responsibility

  • Preparation for secondary education

  • An awareness of cultural diversity

  • An appreciation for the value of difference


(These aims are not listed in order of priority)

Aims & Objectives

Wicklow Montessori School is a child-centred primary and pre-school where children from pre-school to sixth class are taught according to ability as opposed to age while simultaneously fulfilling the Department of Education and Science's prescribed curriculum.

The development of each child's individuality is paramount. Montessori teaching methods ensure that the talents of each child are nurtured to achieve his or her full potential.

Wicklow Montessori Primary and Pre-School aims to develop confident, self-reliant young adults with individual personalities in a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

Children are encouraged not just to learn but how to learn. Students' horizons are challenged and curiosity is nurtured. Children are taught to ask questions and to find the answers.

Using specialised Montessori equipment, children work on different activities at their own pace. Because the child is constantly being stimulated and challenged, he or she develops a balanced, active mind.

Every child is encouraged to participate in all school activities, performances and inter-school events. 

Child Development

Wicklow Montessori School offers its children more than an excellent academic education. It endeavours to develop high standards of behaviour, dress and speech.

Through "Grace and Courtesy" activities, social skills are taught in pre-school and reinforced throughout the students time in the school.

While the children are encouraged to express themselves freely, rough behaviour and bullying is never tolerated. Classrooms and play areas are supervised at all times. Older children are encouraged to look after younger ones and there is a high level of tolerance and understanding amongst the children. 

Children of different ages and classes are encouraged to work together in groups on projects and present them at school assembly.

Wicklow Montessori School endeavours to develop balanced, resilient, well-mannered, articulate children.

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