Wicklow Montessori has a very active musical life.  The main events which punctuate the year are - The Christmas Concert, The Arklow Music Festival, The AIJS Music Festival and the Annual School Talent Competition. Sometimes the students are called upon to contribute musically to morning assembly.  In 2013 the Choir won Gold at the Arklow Music Festival.

The Christmas Concert can annually or biannually include a musical for 4th, 5th and 6th class students.  Recent musicals have included 'The Mikado', 'Ali Baba', 'Of Mice and Mozart', 'Emilie Jolie' (in the original French) , 'Christmas Jazz' and Cinderella.

Each class from Senior infants has a weekly session of music which covers the Primary School Curriculum for music but may also include dance, games, singing and music appreciation.  From 2nd class we also teach the Recorder in a class situation, teaching rhythm and basic notation. 

We also offer individual piano lessons, at an additional fee, creating some in house musicians who may be called upon as accompanists.

We aim to give all students a broad introduction to music so that on entering Secondary Education they would all be capable of tackling the Junior Certificate Syllabus.

Extract from 'Of Mice and Mozart'