The children have a lot of fun with science both with their classroom teachers  and participating in formal Science events.

When the opportunity and funding are available, the school also brings in visiting specialist science teachers for part of the school year to do regular workshops.

BT Young Scientist Exhibition

Each year  the 5th and 6th class enter a project in the Young Sciencist Exhibition. So far we have been lucky enough to make it through to the Primary Schools Exhibition Day at the RDS each year.  The students work together to design,  research and organize their work for public presentation. At the fair they then have to speak about the project to members of the public and to the exhibition officials. The students also get to see all the other projects and exhibitions at the science fair, which is lots of fun and a great exposure to science in an exciting environment.

Intel Mini Scientist Competition.

Judges from the Intel Panel visit the school each year to judge the projects individually, each group of children have the chance to present their own experiments and findings to the judges. 3rd and 4th class had great fun last year bringing their project on Hair to the National competition after winning in their local region.

Previous Years Science Program Details:

2014 -   Physics was the focus for ourScience Program in 2014 with workshops run with all classes from Junior Infants to 6th Class.

2013 - BT Young Scientist Exhibition

5th and 6th class were delighted when their project 'Practice Makes Perfect' was chosen to be exhibited as part of the Primary Science Fair during the BT Young Scientist Exhibition in the RDS. The children gathered and recorded data over 11 weeks and then tested a number of hypothesis to try and determine the reason that some countries were more successful than others at the Olympic games.

Our 2011/12 science program:

  • Rocket Workshop and Weather show - Science Ireland - Sept 2011
  • "Why does milk curdle, and how does blood clot? The secrets of proteins." - TCD - Dec 11
  • BT Young Scientist Exhibition - Primary School Entry - Jan 2012
  • "When chemistry goes green" - UCD - Feb 12

The 5th & 6th class children have entered the 2012 BT young Scientist Exhibition - Primary School Section with their project ' Science - It's Elementary!'. The children have spent a few months studying the elements of the Periodic table with the science teacher, Christine.

Science program - 2010/2011:

Our senior pupils (5th & 6th class) put an entry into the ‘BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition’ in January 2011.  The project was titled 'Colourful Chemistry'.