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Two Wicklow Montessori students get hand-on experience playing "Operation"


Wicklow Montessori children have a lot of fun with science both with their classroom teachers and participating in formal science events.

When the opportunity is available, the school brings in visiting specialist science teachers for part of the school year to do workshops. 

ESB Science Blast

Some years, fifth and sixth class enter this competition. The students work together to design, research and organise their work for public presentation. At the fairs they then have to speak about the project to members of the public and to the exhibition officials. The students also get to see all the other projects and exhibitions at the science fair, which is lots of fun and a great exposure to science in an exciting environment.

Intel Mini Scientist Competition

Third and fourth class enter this competition every year. A panel of judges from Intel visit the school to view the project and choose a team to represent the school. One project progresses onto the Regional stage. This is a great day where the pupils get the opportunity to view other projects.

We are very proud of how well our children have done in this competition over the years - Regional Winners four times and Grand Final Runner Up twice.

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