For the younger children, French is taught through games, songs and nursery rhymes. As they get older, the pupils still get to enjoy this type of activity but they also get to practice reading and writing the language as well. We are extreemly fortunate to have a native french speaking teacher.

The material used is very bright, colourful and original and adapted to the different ages. The children are encouraged to manipulate the illustrations and the cards to ensure the learning process is enjoyable.

During the French classes, from the very beginning, the children are encouraged to express themselves in French as often as possible: When they greet the teacher, ask for material or their turn in a game, or any other situations. As the teacher addresses the pupils in French during classes, they get a very good general understanding of the language over the years.

A very special effort is made by the teacher to ensure that all the children get a very good pronunciation of French. When they leave the school in sixth class, their accent is usually excellent.

The learning of a language should always be done through fun activities. We therefore also prepare plays in French that are then presented to families and friends. As the children love the idea of acting and singing in French for their families, they work very hard at it and present shows of a very high standard.

Extracts from 'Emilie Jolie'